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   *** Due to Covid-19 directions to self isolate in Australia, all Workshops are suspended ***

Customer Testimonials

"Always my great pleasure to attend Missladypetal's art classes. I have attended two 3 hour classes every week since Feb 2016!
Missladypetal teaches techniques using watercolour, mixed-media, acrylics, sketching, stamping, stencils. Also card making, molding, clay work, art journalling and so much more. Best of all we learn how to get ready for an exhibition. Then we take our art works to the exhibition!

Our Missladypetal (Peta) makes sure that there is always plenty of activity going on. I am so happy to see how Peta is able to keep the whole class busy. The group artwork classes are good fun too. Peta encourages sharing ideas for the good of all.

Peta's special talent of hosting a class of students with such diverse backgrounds and various ages has always amazed me. Yet at the end of class there's the proof! All sorts of creative and unique art work.

Oh and you'll love the mixed-media artwork too!"

Greg Fergus
Canefields Clubhouse
Meadowbrook Qld