Missladypetal Creations

Learn something new today - it keeps you young!


I have been a creative person my whole life. I have enjoyed scrapbooking, quilting, interior decorating and cooking.

But in 2012, something changed. I had overwhelming desire to expand this creativity and do something different, something that didn't have rules. 

I discovered Art Journalling on Youtube and found that I loved the idea of creating just for the sake of creating. It was very liberating. Since then I have grown and expanded my knowledge across a large range of media and techniques. It changes your life irrevocably the minute you commence. 

I began to teach Art Journalling online at my YouTube channel, Missladypetal Creations where I have a number of teaching videos. I am studying Arts Psychotherapy at Ikon Institute at the moment so I cannot upload as many videos whilst i'm studying as I'm a full time student and work part time. 

Now I work at Canefields Clubhouse as an art tutor and arts therapist. I also teach art to children and adults at Tammy's Art Studio in Springwood, Qld. Every month I hold the art journal club at Women and Co, 29 City Road, Beenleigh from 5.30-8.30pm on the third Wednesday of each month from February to November each year. Finally I run KRANK and Live Well Logan art therapy workshops at Women and Co in school holiday times. Check out the Logan City council website for bookings for 2018.  

Fine Art

I began painting seriously about 6 years ago. I started with watercolours as my father was a well known watercolour artist when I was a girl and it's something I was familiar with. But, I quickly found out that watercolours just weren't enough for me and I wanted, needed, to experiment with a bunch of different ideas to express what I wanted to convey. 

My byline, Learn something new today, it keeps you young! comes from my own life where age is no barrier to exploring new things and starting new adventures.

I have a number of my fine art works in my online store. They are available for purchase and I do package and ship the works that do not have sticks on them. I'm also available for commissions so shoot me an email: [email protected] for any enquiries.

Check out my blog to see what's happening in my world and my youtube channel, Missladypetal Creations.