Missladypetal Creations

Learn something new today - it keeps you young!


I have been a creative person my whole life. I have enjoyed scrapbooking, quilting, interior decorating and cooking.

But in 2012, something changed. I had overwhelming desire to expand this creativity and do something different, something that didn't have rules. 

I discovered Art Journalling on Youtube and found that I loved the idea of creating just for the sake of creating. It was very liberating. Since then I have grown and expanded my knowledge across a large range of media and techniques. It changes your life irrevocably the minute you commence. 

I began to teach Art Journalling online at my YouTube channel, Missladypetal Creations where I have a number of teaching videos and I do a regular video blog to let you know what's happening in Missladypetal's adventures.  I also currently teach with Krazy Island University. Today, I teach regular weekly and monthly with a number of community organisations and businesses each month whilst still teaching online lessons which you can find in my store

Fine Art

I began painting seriously about 3 years ago. I started with watercolours as my father was a well known watercolour artist when I was a girl and it's something I was familiar with. But, I quickly found out that watercolours just weren't enough for me and I wanted, needed, to experiment with a bunch of different ideas to express what I wanted to convey.

My byline, Learn something new today, it keeps you young! comes from my own life where age is no barrier to exploring new things and starting new adventures.

So What's happening in 2016

2016 is proving to be a big year of firsts. The first time I went to university, the first time I exhibited my work, my first solo exhibition. All of these things were big firsts for me and I can say they went very well! 

So What's happening in 2017

2017 is looking to become even more exciting with 3 exhibitions booked in, 2 solo exhibitions and 1 group showing. 

I'm also starting a Fine Art's Degree at Griffith University at Southbank and I'm so excited to be embarking on some major works during the next years.